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A top new Jeep Wrangler product of 2017 by JPFreek


KrankItUp! requires no modifications and installs in under an hour or contact one of our certified resellers or Chrysler Dealers nearest you


KrankItUp! can be deployed in seconds!  Simply remove the quick release pins and rotate your speaker-bar


Veteran owned and operated! All of our products are proudly designed, manufactured, and sourced in the USA!

Take your Jeeps stereo performance to the next level with KrankItUp! ™.

Crank up your Jeep Wranglers stereo speaker output with KrankItUp! ™ – it’s the ultimate way to Crank Up your Jeep Wranglers audio performance.   KrankItUp! ™ requires no modifications and installs in minutes.

KrankItUp! ™ is not a speaker.   KrankItUp! ™ is not a speaker bar replacement.

KrankItUp! ™ is a patent pending hinging mechanism that attaches to the stock speaker bar.

KrankItUp! ™ simply cranks up the volume of the Jeep Wranglers stereo speakers by projecting the sound out the back of your Jeep.

Try this simple test…

Turn your Jeep Wranglers stereo on and crank up the volume.

Go to the rear of your Jeep Wrangler and take a few steps back.

Notice the loss of audio output from your Jeeps stereo speakers?

Now imagine the difference in sound if you were able to point the speakers toward the back of the Jeep and crank up the volume.  This is how KrankItUp! ™ works, by re-directing the sound from the stereo speakers to the back of your Jeep.

Crank up your Jeeps stereo by mounting KrankItUp! ™ between the sound bar and roll bar.  Pulling a quick release pin allows the speaker bar to swing down to project stereo sound out the rear of the Jeep.  KrankItUp! ™ provides 10 times the audio output from your JK stereo speakers.  The sound is amazing – and it look cool too!

Whether camping, fishing, hanging at the beach, tailgating on game day, or simply enjoying some tunes – KrankItUp! ™ is the premier audio experience for Jeep owners. The unique patent-pending speaker bar accessory is proudly manufactured and sourced in the USA.  We are a veteran owned organization and donate a portion of the proceeds to veteran amputees.

KrankItUp! ™ is easy on your wallet too…  A great way to enhance stereo audio performance at a fraction of the cost.  Get yours today!


The first ever Angular Audio Accessory for

Jeep Wranglers

KrankItUp! is a Chrysler Certified OEM part!


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